I'm being promoted!

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DJ / 18 Days Ago

After months of waiting, I found out a week ago that I am indeed being promoted to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt). This is a big deal in the Air Force because only 2% of the Enlisted force is allowed to be at that rank at any one time. It is probably the hardest rank to make. The promotion rate was only 11% across the Air Force, and only 10% in my career field. I am super stoked about this, even if it does mean we are probably going to move as a result, to either the Washington DC ar

Job Searching

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Kelley / 201 Days Ago

I talk about my current job situation a lot. It has not been a great experience. I have hope that there is something else out there that will be a better fit for me. It is scary to look at jobs nation-wide. I do not want to move for a job unless I know it is a match. I will continue at my current job and make the best of the situation as I continue to search.

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