OK, 2020, that's enough!

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DJ / 70 Days Ago

It is natural to look at the start of a new year or decade and think that this is a new start, things will be better. Well, 2020 has not been that so far. Among some other minor things, Kelley started the year with a significant cold of some sort that lingered well into January. And then our beloved youngest cat, QB, who first showed signs of something amiss in December, passed away yesterday. This has left us heartbroken, but we will persevere.

I prefer to think of these things are

Job Searching

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Kelley / 2 Years Ago

I talk about my current job situation a lot. It has not been a great experience. I have hope that there is something else out there that will be a better fit for me. It is scary to look at jobs nation-wide. I do not want to move for a job unless I know it is a match. I will continue at my current job and make the best of the situation as I continue to search.

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  • 12 Apr 2020
    Corona virus lockdown
    We're working from home and not leaving the house except for food. Crazy times!
  • 28 Mar 2020
    DJ & Kelley watched Hustle, The via Television and DJ rated it 7.2 and Kelley rated it 8
  • 22 Mar 2020
    DJ & Kelley watched Tomb Raider via On Demand and DJ rated it 8.1 and Kelley rated it 8
  • 21 Mar 2020
    DJ watched Knives Out via On Demand and rated it 9
  • 16 Mar 2020
    DJ & Kelley watched Frozen II via Streaming and DJ rated it 6.5 and Kelley rated it 5
  • 14 Mar 2020
    DJ & Kelley watched Sonic the Hedgehog via Dinner Theater and DJ rated it 7.7 and Kelley rated it 8
  • 15 Feb 2020
    DJ & Kelley watched Toy Story 4 via Streaming and DJ rated it 8.8 and Kelley rated it 8.5
  • 30 Jan 2020
    DJ watched Drive (2011) via Streaming and rated it 8.3

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