Caterpillar likes me!!

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Kelley / 61 Days Ago

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, finally, I have found an employer where the feelings are mutual and we want to work together. I will start work on April 17th at Caterpillar Logistics Inc. as Trade Compliance Analyst IV. The current plan is to move to Peoria, Illinois no later than September 30th. Stay tuned for updates as this plan becomes more clear.


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DJ / 178 Days Ago

My retirement ceremony has come and gone - hard to believe it was already 5 weeks ago! I might get pictures up someday. More importantly, I have a job lined up at Liberty Mutual starting on January 3rd and until then I get to just chill, which is beyond amazing. I'll be doing a lot of work on The Awesome Theory Idle game that I am making as well as chores and projects around the house.

It has been a very eventful six months since I last posted an update and the next few months ar

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